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Save a life....Stop a Crime.... Report a fire......Call 911

Latimer County Dispatch provides emergency communication for residents in Latimer County and for the citizens of Wilburton.

We are the communication hub of Latimer County. All dispatching for Latimer County is done out of our office located at 111 N. Central Suite C in Wilburton, Oklahoma.
We dispatch for Latimer County, Wilburton Police Dept., EMS, Seven different fire departments in Latimer County: Ash Creek Fire Dept., Buffalo Valley Fire Dept., Cravens Fire Dept., Red Oak Fire Dept., Veterans Colony Fire Dept., West End Fire Dept. & Wilburton Fire Dept. We also handle all 911 calls

Latimer County 911 dispatch is a 24 hour - 7 day a week operations facility. All of our full time dispatchers are OLETS certified. We are currently seeking more training, such as Emergency Medical Dispatch training, for all of our dispatchers to better assist the people of Latimer County.

Sometime in April/May, 2006 we will be receiving our NEW E911 equipment.
As of right now, we are using an older version of 911 that is outdated. The new equipment will be of great use to the people of Latimer County. It will help us determine exactly who the caller is where the caller is located , and exactly which department to send, depending on the emergency. Mapping was done through KEDDO.

Staff: Trisha McCurry - 911 Coordinator, Kristi Hilburn, Carol Smith, Katrina Knudsen, Mike Kirkland, Jessica Dobbs & Angela Pate.